Niagara 4 Port Now Available on Dell-Supported OS

Pleasant Hill, CA      February 7, 2018

Kodaro, the building software company, has made its Niagara 4 Port available on the first Dell-supported operating system, Ubuntu Core 16. With Ubuntu, a standard Dell OS, Kodaro is making it easier for people in the industrial and building automation industry to use the Niagara framework on the cross-functional Dell Edge Gateway.

Niagara 4 on the Edge Gateway expands the capabilities of the integration software by combining it with the power and durability of the Dell hardware. The Gateway has enough memory and RAM to run Niagara 4 and other applications simultaneously, allowing building managers to keep all aspects of their systems in one place.

"We had a lot of demand for the Niagara 4 port to be available on one of the operating systems standard to Dell," said Kodaro President Larry Andriunas. "Ubuntu, Linux and Dell are familiar names to people in building controls and people in IT departments which makes the combination of Niagara 4 and the Dell Gateway a big advancement for our industry."

The Dell Edge Gateway was built to span industries. It's far more rugged than the equipment typically found in building automation systems and the reliability of the Dell name assures facility managers that the product is built to last, can handle vast amounts of data and will withstand extreme environments.

Kodaro has introduced more channels for purchasing the Niagara 4 Port for the Dell Edge Gateway, with a number of distribution partners who support installation of both the hardware and the software. Kodaro is also producing instructional videos to support the Niagara 4 installation process, and its engineers are always available on their community forum.

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