Kodaro Announces onPoint, an All-in-One Building Analytics Platform to Simplify Energy and Building Management

Pleasant Hill, CA      March 20, 2018

Kodaro, the building software company, announces onPoint, an all-in-one building analytics platform that prioritizes action over alerts. Built from the combined experience of mechanical engineers, data analysts and building controls experts, onPoint identifies the data that building operators are looking for to troubleshoot issues, improve comfort and save energy.

Building operators have long been aware that their systems could be continuously optimized if issues were identified as they arise instead of when the utility bill is delivered or when the hot/cold call comes. But until now, building analytics has meant costly database integrations and data dumps that result in “alert fatigue,” mitigating the efficacy of fault detection and diagnostics. Kodaro’s onPoint focuses on analytics for action, using machine learning and proven data models to open windows into systems and suggest simple ways to address the problems it identifies.

As part of its base package, onPoint includes a scalable cloud management environment connected to devices through a secure VPN tunnel; simple and clean PDF reports that can be customized for everyone within the organization to show results, track energy usage and monitor equipment; data modeling and database integration; proven airside analytics covering air handling units, fan coil units, VAVs; and a team of engineers and data analysts.


“I’ve been in the building automation industry for more than 30 years and I’m so excited to bring onPoint to market with Kodaro. I believe we’re solving a real need in the industry, making building analytics easy to understand and implement across building types. It’s a real change that started from the ground up.” – Larry Andriunas, President, Kodaro

“The key for analytics projects is to prove value quickly by making it easier for operators to act on the findings. It’s also crucial that standardization doesn’t make it impossible for individual users to customize to their needs. With onPoint I believe we’ve created a comprehensive platform that is cost-effective and yet not a one-size fits all solution.” – Jonathan Schoenfeld, Director of Energy and Analytics, Kodaro


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