Terms of Use

Payment Terms

Standard terms for payment are net 30 days.


Seller may at any time after the terms of payment, suspend credit, refuse shipment, cancel unfilled orders or demand immediate payment of any unpaid balance payable under any order of contract whether then due or not, whenever in the opinion of seller the financial condition of the purchaser or the status of his account warrants seller in doing or if delivery is delayed by fault of the purchaser.


All prices are subject to the addition of sales tax. Purchaser must furnish seller with tax exemption certificate for exempt status.

Inconsistent Provision in Purchase Order

Any terms or provisions of the purchaser's order, which are not expressly contained in, or in any way are contrary to the terms of the corresponding invoice, shall not be binding on seller and shall not be considered and applicable to the sale.

Service Charge

A service charge at the rate of 18% annum is payable by purchaser from due date of the invoice until date of payment, or the highest charges are allowed by law, whichever is less.

Attorney's Fees

If any action or proceeding is instituted to recover from purchaser any sums unpaid under any contract or order or if the account is referred to any attorney for connection, purchaser shall pay seller reasonable attorney's fees.

Entire Agreement

No stipulation, agreement or understanding of the parties hereto shall be valid or enforceable unless contained in this agreement.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Except as is otherwise provided, Seller makes no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use, nor is there any other express or implied warranty associated with the sale of these goods. Buyer acknowledges the use of it’s own skill and expertise in the selection of the products and does not rely to form the basis of the bargain on any oral or written statements, representations, or samples made or presented to Buyer prior to or concurrent with the execution of this contract. Seller assumes no liability for any technical advice given to Buyer on the use of the goods purchased, and Buyer expressly agrees that such advice will be used at its own risk.