Haystack+  Driver

Bi-directional sync between Niagara 4 and SkySpark

Want to use Haystack tagging on data from a Niagara 4 database?
You need the right driver for that.

Download Haystack+

If you’re working with Niagara 4 or have plans to migrate soon, Kodaro’s Haystack+ driver is the only product that integrate the N4 tagging model directly into the Haystack tagging model along with a mechanism for two-way communication of tags between an N4 station and a third-party Haystack client. Download Kodaro's Haystack+ driver for Niagara 4 now, no license required for these basic features.


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Converts SkySpark “sparks” to Niagara alarms

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Exposes Niagara alarms in Haystack compliant format

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At-will sync between Niagara 4 and SkySpark databases

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Secure export-only functionality

The advanced features of Haystack+ are available for a licensing fee with unlimited inbound connections and no maintenance charges.

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Questions about the Haystack+ driver? Browse the Haystack+ Driver thread in our Community discussion board. Find the answer in our growing support database or ask our engineers your question directly.