Niagara 4 Port for the

Dell Edge Gateway with

Ubuntu Core 16

Full speed ahead to the IoT for buildings

Kodaro has created the only authorized port to run Niagara 4 on the Dell Edge Gateway with Ubuntu Core 16. This allows building automation professionals to take full advantage of the speed, memory and durability of the Edge Gateway while still using the Niagara 4 framework you count on.

4.2 Recently updated, this Niagara Port for Dell Edge Gateway works with all instances of Niagara 4.2 or lower. v4. BUY NOW
4.6 Just released, this Niagara 4 Port for the Dell Edge Gateway is compatible with the latest version of Niagara 4.6. v4. BUY NOW

How to Install the Niagara 4 Port on your Dell Edge Gateway

With Kodaro's Niagara 4 Port,
the Dell Edge Gateway can:

Operate as server supervisor and control engine in one

Run simultaneous applications at the edge

Maximize storage capacity

Run with full Niagara 4 integration

Do you need advanced security features or remote provisioning for your Niagara station? Find additional options on our Dell Edge Gateway with IoTium page.