Niagara4Dell Software - Coming Soon!

Without sophisticated software, even the most
rugged hardware is just a box.

Support multiple networks

With Kodaro's Niagara4Dell software, building IoT networks can plug directly into the Dell Edge Gateway to operate in an integrated building ecosystem.

Local and remote management

Powerful Dell process allows for capacity to process analytics locally on the machine. Kodaro's software adds a secure remote access layer, built on HTML5 for fast, visual displays.

End-to-end security

Niagara4Dell allows the Edge Gateway to encrypt sensor data at the edge to secure all network communications across devices to building systems.

Two-step installation

Niagara4Dell can be installed into your building automation system with ease. Our system configuation and quick start guide will help you through the two-step process and our support team is always available if you get stuck.

We built Niagara4Dell from our years of experience with building automation integrations throughout the U.S. and Mexico. The entire industry was blown away by the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 when it came out, but no one was quite sure what to do with it. Now that we've developed the appropriate software for building IoT applications, we're really excited about the industry disruption that will happen next."

- Larry Andriunas, President, Kodaro

With Kodaro's Niagara software,
the Dell box will be able to:

Aggregate and secure data at the edge of the network

Perform analytics locally

Send meaningful information to the cloud or datacenter

Encrypt sensor data

Monitor sensor communication securely, continously and in real time

Support multiple networks and multiple connected Dell Gateways

Expand input and output connections

Communicate in almost any network protocol