Save your accounts payable team an average of
12 hours per month

Kodaro's TenantEye tenant billing and submetering platform is:


Collects all metering data from
one or more tenants or buildings
straight from your existing
integration systems


One easy-to-navigate interface
no matter how many buildings
or tenants are included in the


Integration with existing systems
allows data to be more robust
and less fragile


Since TenantEye is a hosted solution, you can access the platform on any computer

We've been using TenantEye for years and it has really changed the way we manage our submetering. The platform has opened up new opportunities for cost sharing and our accounts payable teams are no longer spending days lost in spreadsheets."

- SJP Properties

TenantEye allows users to:

Automate tenant billing

Collect and store data from
unlimited submeters

Create, send and
track invoices

Scale quickly