Building Analytics Built for Action

onPoint identifies the data building operators need to troubleshoot issues, improve comfort and save energy. With a focus on continuous and actionable insights, onPoint is a comprehensive and cost-effective building analytics package.

With onPoint, building analytics have never been so easy. Packages include:

  • IT connections using a secure VPN tunnel between your equipment and the Kodaro cloud.
  • PDF reporting that can be customized for your whole team.
  • Data modeling and database integration.
  • Proven airside analytics covering air handling units, fan coil units, VAVs and more.
  • A team of engineers and data analysts.

Kodaro onPoint simplifies building analytics for contractors, integrators and end users. With this comprehensive package, there is no need to learn a new system, purchase a special license or integrate a complex database. onPoint is the all-in-one analytics solution you've been looking for.

Analytics Whitepapers

Kodaro's analytics team combines HVAC controls experts, data analysts, and software engineers to unlock the potential of the industry's most advanced analytics engines. We're exploring every aspect of analytics, and writing about our findings along the way. Browse our analytics papers below.

We are Associate Members of Project Haystack sitting on multiple working groups to improve the Haystack tagging standard for all analytics users.